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Long-term experience of our specialists will help to improve your production of PVC products. PVC stabilizers are the staple of our company.

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We recommend this system for the following PVC products: panels, batten, windowsill, sewer pipes, drainage pipes, corrugated pipes, cable channels, baseboards, ledges, foamed profile and sheet.

Principle of operation: 

"Stabiline" system allows you to produce any product made ​​of PVC. You will not be required nor any other chemical components. This system is individually designed for your company, considering all the technical and technological characteristics of production. Our experts will provide for your company on-site technological support at all stages, starting with project development of and during all time of consumption of our product.

We recommend this stabilizer for the following PVC products:

Siding, window profile, pressure pipes

How it works:

PVC+CHALK+"Stabiline"+MODIFIERS+DYESTAFF = your ready PVC product

"Stabiline" stabilizer allows you to use recipes that do not need to be adjusted with lubricants and co-stabilizers. The stabilizer is a complete system of chemical components. For product adaptation, our experts will provide for your company on-site technological support.

If you plan to create a PVC manufacturing, our company can assist you in the selection of equipment, in development of contract mixtures, in making economic calculations based on the zero cycle production costs and to solve all the organizational aspects questions together with you.

Dear manufacturers!

If you are satisfied with your formulations, technology, production costs and terms of cooperation with other providers of similar products for today, do not refuse the opportunity to make sure that you have the latest technology.

Our company is ready to produce stabilizers for PVC processing for you and provide high level of technological support. By conducting experiments, you will get a reliable partner in our face, in addition to economic benefits.